About Me

I am conducting an independent study within the career field of public policy to learn more about the inner workings of local government and how it serves the community. This field intrigues me because of my passions for politics and service.

I am active in my school and community, as I participate in competitive debate, orchestra, National Honors Society, and Junior Frisco Women’s League. I have placed third in my district for Cross-Examination Debate, been a district finalist in the Rotary Four-Way Speech Competition, and currently serve as Secretary for my school Orchestra and President for Junior Frisco Women’s League.

Mission Statement

Through my independent study in public and government policy, I aim to acquire meaningful knowledge and experience that will guide me through finding an internship, and later a job, in my field of study. By learning from a mentor and creating original work, I hope to expand my knowledge regarding the inner workings of government, as well as how to navigate a political atmosphere with integrity and efficiency. I plan on using my experience from this year to further discern my desired career path as I learn how government officials work daily towards upholding democracy and serving the public.

Summer Goals

  1. By the end of August, I will have met with at least two Texas legislators to present my policy position regarding public education finance.
  2. By the middle of July, I will have researched the platforms regarding education of all candidates running to represent my county and city in the next election.
  3. I will have a volunteer position on a local campaign that I am passionate about for the next election season.

Contact me at: jillians484@gmail.com