Weekly Blog May 1, 2017-May 8, 2017

I submitted my final product earlier today, and I cannot say how much relief I feel currently. After thirty-five hours of research, drafting, writing, and editing, turning my research paper in showed me how much I have learned through this project. Last night, I read through my research paper, and I struggled to believe that I had started it in January. When I honestly think about who I was in January and what I knew regarding public policy, I realize that I have grown tremendously. Through working with my mentor and developing a case study regarding policy alternatives to recapture legislation, I learned how to answer my own questions—no matter how big they are. Additionally, I learned so much regarding a subject that many people, including those involved in politics and policy, are daunted by. My final product was so much more than just a research paper to me. As I turned it in, I realized that it was thirty-five hours of growing into the woman I wanted to be when I began my ISM journey in late August.

I am still preparing for my final presentation. While my project may be done, I still need to organize my display board and perfect my speech so that I can communicate everything that I have learned to my friends, family, and teachers in two weeks. I look forward to final presentation night, as I want to share my new knowledge, opinions, and growth with people who care about my ISM and educational journeys.