Weekly Blog April 25 – May 1, 2017

Earlier today, I typed the abstract to my research paper. As the abstract was the section I had left for the end of my project, I felt so much relief as I clicked save. This past week has marked hours of revision, editing, and adding footnotes to my research paper. While it has been stressful, I have also reminded myself that my mentor and I are making some of my final revisions and edits to my paper. It has been incredible to compare what my final product is now to what it was just two months ago, when I was still conducting preliminary research.

This week for my final product, I am placing my final touches on my research paper and the corresponding handouts. While this seems like a small amount of work compared to previous weeks, I will admit that I am still incredibly busy. With Advanced Placement and SAT Subject exams consuming the bulk of my week, I have been going through my calendar, and trying to block off time for ISM work. I must say that it is stressful finishing my final product while taking final exams. However, I also know that in college, I will be in similar—but incredibly harder—situations. In the middle of this year’s storm, it is hard for me to be grateful. Still, I recognize that the chaos of this week is preparing me for many weeks in my future, and I am incredibly thankful for the insight and preparation that I am gaining as a junior, instead of as a college student for the first time.