Weekly Blog April 4, 2017-April 10, 2017

Last semester, I thought preparing for midterms and balancing my original work research was hard. I was wrong. Spring semester has proven to be a challenge with final product, AP exams, speech tournaments, and college entrance exams. While this has been stressful, I am learning invaluable skills regarding time management.  As I learn to balance all of my tests, projects, and activities, I believe that I am learning how to utilize my time wisely, while still learning to my full potential.

As I continue to work on my research paper, I have learned to be adaptable. There have been many situations in which I unexpectedly had time to draft and revise my paper. These situations have led me to carry my research, notes, and draft with me, so that I am able to work on them when given any amount of down time. Doing this has taught me the importance of always being prepared during stressful seasons.

While I have learned much from my year so far in ISM about public policy and education finance, I have also gained many life lessons through this year. As I balance my ISM work with my other classes and activities, I now feel more confident in managing large projects going forward.