Weekly Blog February 28, 2017-March 13, 2017

As I have been working on my case study regarding public education finance, I have been intrigued by how my research comes together. For my research, I have read articles and other studies, while also conducting informational interviews with school board and administration staff members. Through this process, it has been interesting to learn how objective facts and figures impact real students, districts, and communities.

Beginning my research interviews with district officials was initially intimidating. For each interview I have walked in to, I have felt a worry inside me regarding whether or not I have conducted enough background research. Relatively early in my first meeting, this worry was soothed, and in each following meeting I have felt myself grow more confident. While I have learned a tremendous amount of invaluable information regarding public education finance through these interviews, I have noticed that I have also gained more confidence in my project in progress. I have learned the importance of asking questions, given that they are my only way of really learning what I need for my research. This small lesson has a significant impact on the future course of my final product, education, and life. As I continue to construct my case study, I feel empowered to pursue research, even when it means asking a lot of questions.