Product Progress Assessment

Date: March 26, 2017


Overall, my final product is coming along relatively smoothly. I have maintained my calendar, and I have made significant progress in my draft. As I continue to work on my case study, I have continued to research public education finance. While I did set aside a few weeks to conduct preliminary research, I have reached questions regarding the information and reality of education finance that I did not plan on having. This has been a struggle, given that not all of my questions have had easily-accessible answers. However, I have been able to stay on track and find the information necessary for my research and analysis.

At this point in my final product work, my mentor has been instrumental in helping me conduct this research. As she is familiar with the Texas state legislature and how its current finance policy affects the city, she has helped me find answers regarding many of my questions. Additionally, as I continue with my project, she has helped me evaluate and consider the merits and weaknesses of each finance system I am analyzing. For my final product, I decided that I would take a stance on public education finance and defend my stance. Through my weekly meetings with her, my mentor has greatly helped me analyze the situation in its entirety and develop a stance before I begin writing.

As I draft my case study, I have been concerned about the organization of my paper. Currently, I have it structured so that I have an introductory paragraph for every section followed with three paragraphs—one to address each finance system in regards to the topic of the section. While this organization makes logical sense, I have long paragraphs, and I am afraid that this hurts my paper. In order to better organize my final copy, I plan on finishing my draft, and printing off a copy so that I can mark the natural and professional places for a new paragraph. I believe that I will have to set aside a few more days to help me edit my paper than originally planned. However, I do not see this being an issue, as I gave myself a flexible schedule for this reason.

Additionally, I believe I will have to be flexible with the meeting dates I set aside for presenting my case study and stance with state representatives and senators. Given that this legislative session has been incredibly busy, my mentor and I may have trouble organizing a weekend where we are able to visit a substantial amount of meetings. However, meeting with state legislators is not essential to my final product. While doing so would help me make connections and gain confidence in what I believe, my product is not meetings. Because of this, I understand that I may not be able to meet with state legislators during this spring semester. I do plan on scheduling such meetings to discuss my research, but I also understand that doing so will be dependent on factors outside of my control after a certain point.

In the immediate future, I will finish the draft of my case study and edit it. Through this, I hope to produce a professional case study that effectively illustrates my research, analysis, and political viewpoint regarding education finance. Once I have edited my research paper, I will produce a final copy, as well as a visual aid that helps illustrate the highlights of my research, while also persuading others to accept my stance. Through this, I will create and present a case study and stance on education finance that I can present to state legislators and community members.


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