Weekly Blog February 13, 2017-February 20, 2017

As I continue my research for my final product, I have been increasingly aware of subtle word choices made in the articles I use. One part of my case study regarding public education finance is to evaluate the possibilities for a finance system. Throughout this past year—through ISM and the election—I have learned that politics and polices can become very nuanced. Because of this, I am trying to take note of how authors word the problems, as well as their opinions. This week when I met with my mentor, we discussed this topic, and I was surprised by how much some elected officials will manipulate words to completely change the connotations within the conversation. As I work on my final product and become more involved in politics and policies, I hope that the ability to examine word choice proves beneficial.

Additionally, over the past few weeks, I have learned the importance of reputation and connections. As I talk with my mentor and her colleagues, I have learned that a lot of staff jobs rely on who you know and being in the right place at the right time. I have never considered myself abnormally lucky, so this threw me for a loop. However, I am glad to learn this now, instead of later. Recently, I have begun to seek different opportunities to get involved in politics and policy spheres, not only to learn more, but also to begin building connections.