Weekly Blog February 7, 2017-February 13, 2017

            Throughout this past week in ISM, I have been reading through opinions and studies regarding vouchers and their effects on public school funding for my final product. I will admit that I watch the news as much as possible. With the recent confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, I have found it interesting to be able to apply my research regarding public and charter schools to the rhetoric regarding these topics in the news. While following the news is not part of ISM, it has greatly enhanced my research and work over the course of the past school year.

My main objective in ISM was always to learn about public policy, how legislators craft policies to help the community, as well as the impacts of policies. Through watching expert opinions on the news and pursuing op-eds on the continuous political and policy news since September, I have had the opportunity to connect my objective research to real-time opinions. In my history classes, I have been able to analyze the long-term impacts of policy actions. Through ISM this past year, I have been able to analyze the immediate reactions to executive and legislative actions at both the state and federal level. As I continue to research public education finance, I will also incorporate the immediate implications of actions from both the state and federal governments.