Weekly Blog January 24, 2017-January 30, 2017

                     Earlier this week I attended a candidate forum for a special being held for city council. As I listened to candidates make their opening statements and defend previous statements they had made, I learned a lot about political campaigns. While I have spent the majority of my year in ISM learning about policy, I was glad to extend my learning to politics.

Throughout the candidate forum, I became familiar with all nine of the candidates’ positions, but I also noticed how they all presented their positions. I found it interesting how some of the candidates would phrase their answers to support their candidacy for a local position. However, in the same answer the candidate avoided statements that would hurt a future candidacy for a state position. By watching the dynamics of the forum this week, I learned a lot about how candidates present their policy proposals and legislative opinions.

Additionally, I spent this past week drafting my final product proposal and calendar. For part of my final product, I will present my policy position on public education finance, in hopes of persuading others. I believe that watching the candidate forum this week not only educated me about the special election in my community, but it also taught me how to shape my statements to be effectively persuasive.



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