Original Work Proposal

Throughout this year’s election cycle, I noticed that many reporters and pundits discuss how both candidates have a problem exciting millennials. However, they never offer alternative ideas regarding how to integrate millennial values into platforms. As I have researched how voters shape public policy, I wanted to further study the role millennials currently play in American politics and what they could play. I want to use my original work to learn what political issues millennials care about, compared to what politicians believe they do. I will then apply this knowledge to analyze how millennials have either shaped legislation efforts and if they will be helped or harmed by these efforts. My proposal is to create a podcast where I will interview millennials and elected officials while analyzing how millennials are connected to current governmental policies.

To produce this podcast, I will research current bills in Congress and local governments. I will interview other millennials to gather information regarding the general political values of millennials, while also interviewing government officials to learn the impact millennials have. With my research and information, I will write my scripts to cover what the legislation is, analyze how it affects millennials, how millennials are responding to it, and create an alternative idea for the policy that accounts for millennials’ concerns and values. By evaluating current policy efforts, I will not only judge whether the political system is fair to millennials, but I will also synthesize my research and interviews to propose original ideas to ensure that millennials are well accounted for in legislation. To conduct interviews with government officials, I will contact colleagues of my mentor. I believe that through these interviews I can learn how government officials currently account for millennials in public policy. With this, I will be able to analyze how different legislation efforts could allow millennials to be accurately represented in public policies.

I want my original work to provide me with foundational research regarding millennials’ perspective and influence on public policy for my final product, while also creating a medium where I can express a millennial’s ideas on public policy. To produce this podcast, I will need to closely follow Congressional news, while also researching the millennial demographic. This research will allow me to synthesize the information to determine how America’s youth are affected by current policies. For my podcast to positively contribute to my community and mentor, I will also propose ideas regarding how to modify current legislation efforts so that they account for the needs and values of millennials, just as they do other age demographics. My original work will allow me to analyze the role millennials play in politics and public policies, while also drawing attention to important issues often overlooked in the millennial generation by lawmakers.



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