Weekly Blog January 2, 2017-January 9, 2017

            As the Research Showcase gets closer and closer, I have grown more and more excited for the night where I can display and present the hard work that I have put into my first semester of ISM. However, I also grow a little more nervous each time I look at how few days left there are leading to the Research Showcase. Recently, to prepare for my presentation, I have been working on my display board. When I bought the trifold and other materials, I will admit that I was more than overwhelmed. My previous trifolds for presentations and science fairs have always presented creative challenges. This time around, though, I sketched multiple plans for my display board. The Research Showcase presents me with a chance to not only learn about giving a professional presentation, but also to network with the guests. The prospect of connecting with people in similar fields to what I am researching has been my consistent motivation to produce a professional, clean, and intriguing display board.

Along with the development of my display board, I also spent the past week planning for my final product. With my first semester ending this Friday, it is hard to believe that shortly I will be submitting a proposal for my final project. As I reflect on my original work and research from the past few months, I am not completely sure what I want to produce for my final product. My research in education policy for my podcast peaked my interest, though. As the second semester begins, I am leaning towards centering my upcoming research around education policy.