Weekly Blog December 6-December 12, 2016

            This blog post is a product of an inhumane amount of caffeine. Most students around the nation right now are in the midst of finals week, and are experiencing the stress related to it. While my school does not have midterms until January, I still have four tests and two essays all scheduled within two days this week. Along with that, my Orchestra’s concert is the night before my major test day. While I have studied and practiced over the past week, this year has given me an additional challenge. With my original work for ISM due at the beginning of January, it has been challenging to find time to work on everything.

Nonetheless, this is all part of the ISM experience. This program is challenging me to go beyond the regular set of challenges created by AP courses and extracurricular activities. While I do feel my heart rate increasing with every cup of coffee I drink, I also feel myself learning how to effectively schedule my time to successfully meet all of my deadlines. This week I have learned much about partisan policy questions arising from the Electoral College, the intelligence community, and education financing. However, in my opinion, the most long-lasting lesson I have received this week was time management.