Weekly Blog December 17, 2016-January 2, 2017

            Earlier this morning I submitted my original work project. After about fifteen hours of work on it, I can say I felt a massive weight taken off of my shoulders today. As I spent my break catching up on sleep, I also dedicated a significant part of it to research education policy at the state and local level and presenting my conclusions regarding how it has affected millennials.

Going into my research, I had a good amount of background information from my experiences as a student, but primarily from discussions about the topic with my mentor. As I researched local and state financing for schools, I analyzed the problems that currently exist and how millennials are responding to them. However, I also developed a deeper interest in education policy. Throughout my first semester in ISM, I was worried that I would never find a specific interest within public policy. While I have been greatly intrigued by the trends of millennials, I wanted be able to center my focus on a specific sector within public policy.

My research for my original work helped me discover my great interest in education policy. As I go forward and enter my second semester in ISM, I hope to further direct my studies towards education policy.