Weekly Blog November 28, 2016 – December 5, 2016

            This week was definitely one of my busier ones. With the first semester beginning to wrap up, I have been working on my original work project. While I knew going into it that it would be a tiresome project, I do not think I realized just how much effort my podcast required until a few too many cups of coffee too late. All said, from the research I have put into my project, I have learned an incredible amount of information. From the state of the Democratic party and American millennials to how to professionally present my opinion, making a podcast about millennials in politics and policy has been incredibly eye-opening.

On the idea of eye-opening, I also had the blessing to shadow my mentor during a meeting with our State Senator Van Taylor. I admit, once I went home after the meeting I did research a few of the topics from the meeting to understand the issues more clearly. However, the meeting this afternoon really gave me an insight into how people communicate with their representation. From it, I learned how organizations professionally present their legislative priorities, as well as how constituents and representatives discuss the probability of said priorities due to the state of the remainder of representatives. Truly, my week in ISM has been busy, but incredibly enlightening.


Attached below is a picture of myself with State Senator Van Taylor today.3