Weekly Blog November 15-November 20, 2016

            This past Thursday I went on my first mentor visit. Going into the visit filled me with such excitement and anticipation for the future that lays ahead. As I sat down with my mentor this week, I realized just how excited I am for the opportunities this will lead me to.

During our meeting, my mentor and I discussed what we want future mentor visits to be like. We outlined visits where I would shadow her at work, and others where we would discuss current local, state, and federal policies. I understand that most people do not get excited at the idea of discussing anything related to politics—especially during Thanksgiving. However, the idea of having respectful discussions about current policy efforts really did excite me. As I am used to watching pundits argue on cable news and listening to my classmates clash over ideologies they do not completely understand, the idea of an educational discussion about policies was somewhat new to me. As we discussed topics for future discussion, I realized how much I will learn from my mentorship this upcoming year. While I have learned a great amount about public policy through my independent study so far, I believe that first-hand experiences and respectful educational discussions will allow me to truly learn the ins and outs of public policy.