Weekly Blog October 31-November 6, 2016

I have written previous blog posts about planning for my Original Work project for ISM and I have written other blog posts about how ISM challenges me to be adaptable and bold. This week, I found both common themes occurring.

As I began drafting my Original Work proposal, I looked through my notes and rough drafts. After talking with both my teacher and parents, I realized that I wanted to switch ideas before passing the point of no return. In the middle of this past week, I decided that for my major project this semester I am going to create a podcast that creates an outlet for the millennial voice in public policy. I spent the remainder of my week researching how to make a podcast, what equipment is necessary, and how to publish my work.

While drafting the script for my first episode, I have also been recording and deleting many test audio samples. In doing so, I realized I need to be ready to conduct research outside of my field of study. If someone told me in September that I would be teaching myself how to record and edit audio clips, I most likely would have laughed. However, I believe that this knowledge is essential to producing a project that analyzes millennials’ impact on public policy, while also suggesting how to ensure that legislation accounts for the values of millennials.