Weekly Blog October 17-October 23, 2016

            This past week in ISM was relatively calm. As I continued to work on my research, I also prepared for my last few informational interviews. Going through my planner, it struck me that after this next week, I will have completed all of my interviews. This led me to look back on what I have learned so far this year in ISM, but more so on what lies ahead of me.

By the end of this week, I will be preparing to ask someone to be my mentor for the rest of the year, instead of preparing interview questions. If I am being honest, for as excited about this next step as I am, I am just as nervous. Throughout this school year, I have been learning how important it is to be comfortable putting myself out in the professional world. As I drove to every single interview so far, I had to remind myself to be confident introducing myself. Even though I have gained an incredible amount of confidence from ISM, I know there is so much more to gain.

Along with this, throughout the week I have been furthering my plans on my original work. With the political atmosphere in the country only growing more intense, I know my research and analysis of it will have to be as bold as the candidates. While I am nervous to tackle such a large project, I know that the confidence and boldness I have gained from ISM will help me.