Weekly Blog September 5, 2016-September 11, 2016

Thursday of this past week marked my first Informational Interview. I have to admit that as I parked at City Hall, I could not believe my networking and preparation had actually led me to where I was about to be. When the school bell would normally ring, I was found introducing myself to the receptionist.

After asking a few questions, I began to realize that the interview was more of an informational conversation than it was a robotic question and answer session. Despite having prepared more than enough questions, while taking notes on what was said, I was challenged to rework my prepared questions to make them into a conversation. In between moments of tiny panic, I was able to incorporate his comments and expand the scope of my questions, making them specific to what was said, and not the general questions I walked in with.

As someone who loves sticking to the plan, I would be lying if I said my first interview did not scare me as it did not work out as I had imagined it in my head. However, as someone who loves learning, I can honestly say that learning how to be flexible and think on my feet in an interview benefitted me incredibly. While I learned many aspects of municipal governments and the specific workings within my town, I believe that the greatest lesson I took from this interview will not only enhance my research, but it will also allow me to make the most of my upcoming interviews.